PFI-1 Picking Finger Installer

The Jarvis Model PFI-1 – pneumatically powered picking finger installer.

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PFC-1 Picking Finger Cutter

The Jarvis Model PFC-1 – pneumatic powered picking finger cutter.

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CPE Chicken Hock and Neck Cutter

The Jarvis Model CPE — pneumatically powered hock and neck cutter for chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and game birds.

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CPP Turkey Hock and Neck Cutter

The Jarvis Model CPP – pneumatically powered hock and neck cutter for turkey, goose, ostrich, pork and cattle.

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OGC Oil Gland Cutter

The Jarvis Model OGC – pneumatically powered oil gland removal system for chickens, fowl, and turkeys

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VC Poultry Vent Cutter

The Jarvis Model VC – pneumatically powered vent removal tool for all types of poultry

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LKE-1 Lung Gun

The Jarvis Model LKE-1 – pneumatically controlled gun for high speed vacuum removal of poultry lungs and kidneys.

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Airsnips 15-35-70

The Jarvis Airsnip® – dramatically reduces operator effort on any operation done with a scissor, knife or hand clipper. Use of this tool may qualify as a “light duty”

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Chicken Neck Breaker Model DNB – 1 – Pneumatically powered neck breaker for chicken.

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We supply a complete range of picking fingers in a large range of hardness’s, for all types of wet plucking systems, including disc machines