Smoke House

Jarvis India offers customize industrial smokehouses from which get a more uniform product with smart balance precision for process repeatability day after day. With full control of the “breakpoint”, weight, appearance, and internal temperature are maintained which is essential for repeatable processing and quality, uniform product.

Constructed entirely of stainless materials, with automated programming functions and gas flow control servomotor, our some house ensure both reliable results and absolute safety and quality according to the top standards.


  • Smart Balance design uses fans, ducts and dampers, all working together to deliver the uniformity and efficiency no other thermal system can match. The Smart Balance design also uses 45° wall-to-floor deflectors to help enhance airflow. Permanent air balance ensures that your oven remains balanced, resulting in repeatable and consistent processing conditions day after day.
  •  Air balancing of both supply and return air, ensure repeatable and consistent results
  • Direct drive rotating damper brake assembly to ensure critical breakpoints creates repeatable and consistent processing conditions
  • Every design element is aimed at producing repeatable and consistent results in terms of temperature, color and yield
  • Energy efficient and simple design reduces horsepower requirements