Garlic peeler

Automatic machines for garlic peeling with excellent cleaning results, considerable labour savings and a minimum waste of product. Easy to use, rapid work cycle.

Maximum hygiene, for catering, restaurants, canteens, community, food processing plants, hyper and supermarkets.


  • Casing in stainless steel
  • Mechanical timer
  • Belt driven motor
  • Rotary plate steel, easy to remove for cleaning
  • Front unloading protected by safety guard that conveys product downwards
  • Seethrough plexiglass cover to monitor cleaning process
  • Sensor that detects the opening of the cover
  • Water inlet 3/4”; water drainage Ø 50 mm
  • Electrical parts in box with IP56 protection rating
  • V.R. low voltage controls (24 V)
  • Water inlet solenoid valve