Table Bandsaw Blade

Jarvis bandsaw blades for food processing are made for all types of processing plants either it be Beef, poultry, fish and frozen meats there is no match for Jarvis band saw blades.

All of our blades are constructed of the best quality specialty steels, polished and hardened to resist corrosion and contamination. Our bandsaw blades are laser-etched for identification and provide improved process cleanliness. Jarvis band saw blades are the ideal choice for accuracy and efficiency in your food processing plant.

We supply blades of all types traditional bandsaw machines, plus carcass saw blades.

Only custom size blade manufactured in Jarvis India coils from USA

Meat Types

  • Meat with bones or boneless, thawed or frozen
  • Poultry
  • Fish


  • Suitable for butcheries, food industry, slaughter houses, super markets